EPS Miklós Bodanszky Award to be sponsored by BCN Peptides

We are glad to announce that the EPS Miklós Bodanszky Award, established by the Society in 2014, is to be sponsored by BCN Peptides. The Award, honoring a scientist who has made significant contributions to peptide-based drug research in the period of ten years after having obtained the PhD degree, will be presented for the first time to the ex-aequo winners of the first edition, Drs. Maja Köhn and Markus Muttenthaler, at the 34 European Continue reading

Robert Schwyzer (1920-2015), In Memoriam

Professor Robert Schwyzer, one of the most famous peptide chemists of the third epoch of peptide science (according to Theodor Wieland, 1981), passed away on September 29, 2015, about three weeks after the death of his wife Rosa Schwyzer-Nägeli. He was born on December 8, 1920 and, after emigration of his parents to the USA in 1924, he spent his youth in Minnesota where his father served as country doctor and surgeon. After the return Continue reading