Newsletter Number 07, October 1993

Contents include:

  • A Message from the Chairman, Dietrich Bradenburg
  • `The 23rd EPS Symposium in Braga, a brief report by Hernâni Maya concerning the preparations of the event.
  • The first EPS Medal is awarded to GH Young for his exceptional service to the Society
  • “The 13th American Peptide Symposium” (Edmonton Jun 1993); a brief review by Joanna Tyszka
  • “The 3rd International SPS Symposium” (Oxford, Sep 1993); a report on the event
  • The Internatonal Neuropeptide Society
  • The EPS Exchange Grants, Sponsored by Debipharm
  • EPS Financial Support for Small Meetings
  • “Peptides Down Under” by John D Wade
  • Calendar of Peptide Meetings & Courses

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Newsletter Number 07, October 1993
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