32nd European Peptide Symposium: Soccer Event “Europe vs The Rest of the World” & Open Field Dinner

32nd European Peptide Symposium
2-7 September 2012
Megaron, Athens

“Europe vs The Rest of the World”
& Open Field Dinner
Wednesday, September 5th, 19.00

26 years after the first match in Porto Carras (19th EPS, Greece), Prof. Lajos Balaspiri (Captain of “Europe”) and Prof. Maurice Manning (Captain of “The Rest of the World”) are ready to lead the game in the field of Athletic Center N. Perkizas (Municipality of Chalandri, Athens) during the 32 EPS.

All 32EPS participants are invited to play soccer and/or participate in the event.
See below for the full programme and registration form.

If you would like to participate in the soccer event and open field dinner, please download the combined document below and email it back to the 32EPS Secretariat at info@32eps2012.org.

Free Registration – Deadline August 17, 2012.

For more information please visit the Official Symposium website

Soccer & Dinner Registration form
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Caption: Soccer & Dinner Registration form
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