A message from the past President of the EPS

Dear colleagues and friends of the EPS,

With the conclusion of the last general assembly of the EPS, my term as president has come to an end. Over the past four years, I have had the honor of serving as president, following four years as the scientific affairs officer (2016-2020). My presidency, particularly, was marked by the unprecedented challenges of the Covid pandemic, which brought significant restrictions on human interactions and scientific collaborations. Who could have foreseen that our daily lives would change so dramatically? This even led to the postponement of the European Peptide Symposium from 2020, initially to 2021, and ultimately to 2022. Who could have imagined before that scientific discussions and interactions would predominantly take place via video conferences during and even after the pandemic?

As the climate crisis makes it prudent to reduce air travel, virtual interactions can also contribute positively in this regard. Nonetheless, I firmly believe that occasional face-to-face conferences are irreplaceable for fostering scientific and human connections. It was, therefore, a great pleasure for me to open the 36th European Peptide Symposium in Sitges in 2022 during my presidency.

Being a convinced European, I strongly believe the European Peptide Society plays a crucial role in bringing scientists together and maintaining a platform for scientific exchange. The Journal of Peptide Science is vital in this endeavor. However, we recently faced a profound loss with the passing of former editor-in-chief, Luis Moroder. His immediate successor, Ulf Diederichsen, also had passed away suddenly in 2021. The European Peptide Society owes Luis and Ulf immense gratitude for their relentless dedication. I am confident that the journal now is in capable hands with the new editor-in-chief, Paolo Rovero, and I wish him and the co-editors every success.

Fostering scientific exchange and supporting junior scientists belong to the premier tasks of the EPS. Noteworthy, the European Peptide Society is able to financially support smaller national or thematic meetings. Additionally, the Society is providing mobility grants to early career scientists to facilitate scientific exchange and method transfer.

Serving the EPS and working on the executive committee has been both a pleasure and an honor. I have always experienced a friendly and productive culture of discussion and a collaborative working atmosphere. I would like to sincerely thank all the former EC members I had the privilege to work with for their positive interaction and great commitment: Dirk Tourwe, Anna Maria Papini, David Andreu, Paula Gomes, and Krzysztof Rolka. I also cherish the years of collaboration with Fernando Formaggio and Florine Cavelier, who will continue to serve on the executive committee. The executive committee will be led by the new president Knud Jensen. Therefore, I trust that the EPS is in good hands. I am confident that Knud will guide the EPS with foresight and consideration, actively supported also by the new EC members, Beate Koksch and Beata KolesiƄska.

I cordially acknowledge the entire EPS community for the trust and support you have shown me over these years.

Norbert Sewald, June 2024
EPS President 2020-2024