Newsletter Number 12, December 1995

Contents include:

  • Executive Committee news from the July MeetingI
  • nvitations by the Secretary concerning Nominations for the Josef Rudinger Memorial Lecture 1994 and the Leonidas Zervas Award 1994
  • Antigen Presentation and Vaccine Development, by Brian Austen
  • “Peptides in Immunology” Switzerland, 2-5 April 1995, a report by John Jones
  • “2nd Intrnational Workshop on Lantibiotics” Papendal, The Netherlands, 20-23 November 1994, a report by Günter Jung
  • “2nd Israeli-Polish Symposium on the Chemistry and Biology of Peptides and Proteins” Israel, 4-11 April 1995, by John Jones
  • “3rd Meeting on Peptide and Protein Drugs” ETH Zürich, 29 March 1995, a report by Annette G Beck-Sickinger
  • “2nd European Conference on High Throughpout Screening and Exploiting Molecular Diversity”, a report by by István Schön
  • “The 14th American Peptide Symposium” Ohio, USA, June 18-23, 1995, a report by Pravin TP Kaumaya
  • “The 4th International SPS Symposium”, Edinburgh, September 1995, a report by John Jones
  • “Design, Synthesis and Structure of Peptidomimetics”, Spa, Belgium, 4-8 September 1995, a report by G Van Binst
  • Protein Science and Enfineering in the EU, by MJ Geisow
  • The Lajos Kisfaludy Foundation, by John Jones
  • Peptides in Poland, by Miroslaw T Leplawy
  • Calendar of Relevant Meetings

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Newsletter Number 12, December 1995
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