Newsletter Number 18, February 1998

Contents include:

  • “The 5th International SPS Symposium”, London, 2-6 September 1997, a report by John Jones
  • Calendar of Relevant Meetings
  • “25th EPS”, Budapest 30 August – 4 September 1998, Second Circular
  • Foundation for Hungarian Peptide and Protein Research
  • 4th year for the Journal of Peptide Science, by Conrad Schneider, Editor in Chief
  • 3rd German Peptide Colloquium, Konstanz, 16-19 March 1997; a report by Michael Przybylski and Günther Jung
  • “Biologically Active Peptides V”, Prague, 23-25 April 1997, a report by Tom Barth
  • “The 1997 World Congress of Neurohypophysial Hormones”, Montreal 8-12 August 1997; a report by Maurice Manning
  • “XIVth Polish Peptide Symposium”, Polanica Zdróij, 1-5 Sepptember 1997; a report by BArbara Lejczak
  • “IInd International Conference on Insects”; by Danuta Konopińska
  • “Workshop on Peptide Modification b y Non-Natural Amino Acids” Leipzig, 29-30 September 1997; a report by Beate Koksch and Norbert Sewald
  • RC Sheppard at the LMB of the MRC, by John Jones
  • Peptides and the Swiss Chemical Industry, A Success Story; by Rudolf Andreatta

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Newsletter Number 18, February 1998
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