Newsletter Number 20, January 1999

Contents include:

  • A Letter from the New Chairman, Professor Raniero Rocchi [EPS Chairman for 1998-2002]
  •  “25th EPS”, Budapest 30 August – 4 September 1998, Contributed by the Editor
  • “EPS Soccer 1998”, Compiled from material provided by Lajos Baláspiri
  • “Advances in Peptide, Protein and Nucleic Acid Vaccine Strategies”, Oxford 29 June – 2 July; Compiled by the Editor
  • “The 6th Naples Workshop on Bioactive Peptides”, Capri 12-15 July 1998; Contributed by Ettore Benedetti
  • “5th International Chinese Peptide Symposium (CPS-98l ” Lanzhou 14-17 July 1998; Contributed by John D Wade and Morten Meldal
  •  “EPI-6, Encuentro Peptidico Iberica” El Escorial, 11-14 February1998; Contributed by David Andreu
  • “35th Japanese Peptide Symposium”, Saga 7-9 October 1998; Contributed by Michio Kondo, Chairman, JPS-35
  • Peptide Research at Swiss Universities; Introduction (Alex N Eberle, University Hospital Basel), University of Geneva (Robin Offord, Institute of Medical Biochemistry), University of Zurich (John A Robinson, Institute of Organic Chemistry), ETH Zurich (Annette Beck-Sickinger, Department of Pharmacy), University of lausanne (Manfred Mutter, Institute of Organic Chemistry), University of Basel (Alex N Eberle, University Hospital)
  • John Jones: the New Editor in Chief of the Journal of Peptide Science (Jan 1999)
  • Society News: Distribution of Membership within Countries; Officers of the Society

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Newsletter Number 20, January 1999
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