Newsletter Number 21, June 1999

Contents include:

  • “3rd International Australian Peptide Conference” Laguna Quays Resort, 4-9 October 1998; Contributed by John D Wade
  • “11th meeting of the French Peptide and Protein Group” Aussois, 17-22 January 1999; Contributed by Hélène Gras-Masse
  • “1st Annual Peptide Meeting” Kuopio University, Finland, 18-19 February 1999; Contributed by Ale Närvänen
  • “24th Annual Lorne Conference” Lorne 7-11 February 1999; Contributed by John D Wade
  • “4th German Peptide Symposium” Leipzig, 21-24 March, 1999; Contributed by Marion Haensler and Norbert Sewald
  • “BAP VI” Prague, 21-23 April 1999; Contributed by T Barth and J Slaninová
  • ” 3rd Mimetics Symposium, on the Design, Synthesis, Structure and Function of Peptido- and Proteino- mimetic” Houffalize, Belgium, 26-30 April 1999; a report by Georges Van Binst
  • Guido Senn, In Memoriam
  • Viktor Mutt, In Memoriam

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Newsletter Number 21, June 1999
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