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A postdoctoral position is available as soon as possible for up to 30 months at the University of Strasbourg, France, Team Membrane Biophysics and NMR at the Chemistry Institute. The candidate will work on the biophysical investigation of the membrane interactions to better understand the mechanistic details how newly developed amphipathic peptides much increase the viral transduction efficiencies of eukaryotic cells. The peptides have great potential in clinical gene therapy and medical applications of RNA interference. The project is conducted in close collaboration with the team of biologists around Anne Galy and David Fenard (Généthon, Evry) and has been recently funded by the Fondation pour la Recherche Médicale.

The postdoctoral scientist will have the opportunity to expand his/her know-how by preparing the peptides using automated solid-phase peptide synthesis, reconstituting the products into membranes and investigating the resulting samples by NMR and optical spectroscopies as well as light scattering techniques. Prior knowledge of some of these methods is a requirement. The candidate should have a solid background in biophysics, physical chemistry, chemistry or biochemistry and be highly motivated to advance this project within the limited time period and in collaboration with members of the two laboratories. He/She should be open to share his/her expertise with the laboratory members to advance other ongoing projects.

Additional information can be found at:
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As well as (J. Pep. Sci. 17, 88-93 (2011), Biophys. Chem. 153, 115-125 (2011), Hum. Gene Ther. 23:10, A111 (2012), Poster 151)


Please send your CV, list of publications and addresses of referees to:

Prof. Burkhard Bechinger,
UMR7177, University of Strasbourg/CNRS
1 rue Blaise Pascal
F-67070 Strasbourg

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