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Justification of EPS Membership

To be an EPS member, it is a requirement that you have published at least one paper in the general field of peptide science. Please enter the DOIs below. If you do not do this, your application will be rejected.

According to the “Bylaws of the European Peptide Society ” (paragraph 5) three categories of members are identified (ordinary, honorary and effective). By this procedure outlined here you can apply for ordinary membership.

Any academic peptide scholar can apply for admission to the Society as an ordinary member if he/she can demonstrate to actively perform research in peptide science and to be co-author of at least one publication in the scientific press in the field of peptide science.

In addition, membership can be granted to those demonstrating to be active in industrial activities related to peptide research (instrumentation, analysis, purification, production, etc). Such applications will be reviewed by the Secretary and are subject to additional information requests. PhD students without a publication or MA students with a publication (but not BA students) will be accepted as members on the recommendation of their academic promoter. Applicants are responsible for sending this recommendation to the EPS Secretary at the latest two weeks after the application, otherwise the application will be deleted.

Ordinary members do not have the right to vote in the General Assembly, but can benefit from the activities of the Society.

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