Rapp Polymere

Rapp Polymere was founded in 1988 as a private company with strong connections to the University of Tuebingen. In 1993 Rapp Polymere GmbH was established.

The initial objective was to commercialize the TentaGel resins to provide the chemical community with an innovative state of the art resin for peptide and oligonucleotide synthesis. TentaGel resins were developed at the University of Tübingen and are based on a completely new concept for solid phase resins. As a second line, PEG derivatives were developed.

Rapp Polymere manufactures a broad spectrum of high quality resins for solid phase synthesis (SPS) and a broad range of polyethylene glycol derivatives. In 1991, Rapp Polymere has received the “Innovation Award” from the State of Baden Württemberg.


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