Symposia Proceedings

Below you can find, as downloadable PDF files, digitalised versions of proceeding volumes of previous EPS Symposia. This part of the website can be accessed only by EPS members and it will be maintained and enriched with the sole purpose to preserve the Society’s archives and make them accessible for the peptide community.

The respective Editors (or their present representatives) responded affirmatively, so far, to the Executive Committee’s initiative and, in the near future, more volumes will be added to the series until its completion.

Older Proceedings Volumes will be available in two versions: a full print quality (larger) and a web-optimised (smaller) file; newer ones in the pdf quality provided by the Editors.  By downloading the files, you agree to not copy, alter or distribute them without the permission of the respective Editors (Copyrighted material).

35th EPS, Dublin 2018

Peptides 2018 Proceedings Volume of the 35th EPS 26-31 August, 2018 Dublin City University, Ireland   Editors Patrick Timmons, Chandralal Hewage, Michal Lebl European Peptide Society, 2018 Download…

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34th EPS, Leipzig 2016

Peptides 2016 Proceedings Volume of the 34th EPS 4-9 Sep, 2016 Leipzig, Germany   Editors Annette Beck-Sickinger, Karin Mörl, Kathrin Bellmann-Sickert, Sylvia Els-Heindl, Ulf Diederichsen Leipzig University European Peptide Society Leipzig, 2017 Download…

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33rd EPS, Sofia 2014

Proceedings Volume of the 33rd EPS, 31 Aug-5 Sep, 2014 - Sofia, Bulgaria

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32nd EPS, Athens 2012

Proceedings Volume of the 32nd EPS, 2-7 Sep, 2012 Athens, Greece

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31st EPS

31st EPS, Copenhagen 2010

Proceedings Volume of the 31st EPS, 5-9 Sep, 2010 Copenhagen, Denmark

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30th EPS, Helsinki 2008

Proceedings Volume of the 30th EPS (2nd Ed.), 31 Aug - 5 Sep, 2008 Helsinki, Finland

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29th EPS, Gdansk 2006

Proceedings Volume of the 29th EPS, 3 - 8 Sep, 2006 Gdansk, Poland

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28th EPS, Prague 2004

Peptides 2004 Proceedings Volume of the 28th EPS 5-10 Sep, 2004 Prague, Czech Republic   Editors Martin Flegel, Mati Fridkin, Chaim Gilon, Jirina Slaninova Printed in Israel by Kenes International, 2005 Download…

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27th EPS, Sorrento 2002

Peptides 2002 Proceedings Volume of the 27th EPS 31 Aug - 6 Sep, 2002 Sorrento, Italy Editors Ettore Benedetti & Carlo Pedone Edizioni Ziino Napoli, 2002 Download…

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26th EPS, Montpellier 2000

Peptides 2000 Proceedings Volume of the 26th EPS 10-15 Sep, 2000 Montpellier, France Editors Jean Martinez and Jean-Alain Fehrentz Editions EDK Paris, 2001 Download…

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25th EPS, Budapest 1998

Proceedings Volume of the 25th EPS, 30 Aug-4 Sep, 1998 Budapest, Hungary

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22nd EPS, Interlaken 1992

Proceedings Volume of the 22nd EPS, Sep 13-19, 1992 Interlaken, Switzerland

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19th EPS, Porto Carras 1986

Proceedings Volume of the 19th EPS, 31 Aug-5 Sep, 1986 Chalkidiki Porto Carras, Greece

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7th EPS, Budapest 1964

Proceedings Volume of the 7th EPS, 3-8 Sep, 1964 Budapest, Hungary

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