Newsletter 61: January 2021

Contents include:  A message from the past President of the EPS,  A message from the new President of the EPS,  2nd Meeting of the Italian Peptide Society Dedicated to Young Researchers,  17th Iberian Peptide Meeting,  EPS Awards,  Society News, Society Officers Link to the HTML version of the Newsletter Link to the PDF version of the Newsletter

Newsletter 60: January 2020

Contents include: 21st meeting of the French Peptides and Proteins Group (GFPP), 14th Chemistry & Biology of Peptides Meeting, 9th International Meeting on Antimicrobial Peptides, 25th Polish Peptide Symposium, Peptide Chemistry Day Symposium, Noncanonical Amino Acids: Tools for Biological and Biophysical Investigations, Annual One-Day Meeting on Medicinal Chemistry of KVCV and SRC, The Emil-Fischer Memorial Symposium “What would Emil Fischer do today?”, Jean Rivier (1941-2019), Society Officers, Calendar Download now…

Newsletter 54: August 2016

Contents include: A Message from the Past-President of EPS, A Message from the New EPS President, Peptide Science in Leipzig, 15th Iberian Peptide Symposium, 1st MS Peptide Day, 3rd Belgian Peptide Group Meeting, Dutch Peptide Symposium, 7th Bulgarian Peptide Symposium, 15th Naples Workshop on Bioactive Peptides, Society News, Society Officers, Calendar Download now…

Newsletter 52: August 2015

Contents include: A Message from the Editor, 12th German Peptide Symposium,Peptides in Paris Symposium 2015, Dutch Peptide Symposium 2015, 22nd Polish Peptide Symposium, NMR Applications in Life Sciences-Exploring Peptides & Proteins,A tribute to Paul Cordopatis, Ignacy Z. Siemion (1932–2015), EPS Founder Medal presentation, Society Meetings, Society Officers, Calendar… Continue reading