The 34th EPS Soccer Event

The biennial EPS soccer game, featuring teams from Europe and the Rest of the World (World Team) has become a mainstay of successive European Peptide Symposia since its inception at the 19th EPS in Porto Carras, Greece, in 1986 (see poster 393 @ 32nd EPS in Athens in 2012 for a brief history).

The organizers of the 34th EPS, Professors Dr. Annette Beck-Sickinger and Dr. Ulf Diederichsen, spared no expense to ensure that the soccer game in Leipzig lived up to the standards set by the organizers of previous games, especially the games at the 2012 32nd EPS in Athens and at the 2014 33rd EPS in Sofia (see the EPS newsletters 47 and 51 for my reports on both games).  Dr. Wolfgang Rapp, former Team Europe player and assistant to coach Balaspiri in Athens in 2012, played a big role in helping to organize the 34th EPS soccer game in Leipzig.  He also served as coach of Team Europe.  His wife, Sabine, provided many of the photos shown in this report.  In Leipzig, Wolfgang recruited me to serve once more as coach of the World Team.

A total of 26 players (14 for Team Europe, 12 for The World Team) had signed up to play in the game.  To get evenly matched, number wise, one player from Team Europe would need to switch to give a 13 per side game (11 plus 2 subs).  As noted below, this switch made a huge difference.

On Wednesday, Sept. 7, 2016, at 4:30 pm, busses were on hand to ferry players, coaches, and spectators for the 15 minute ride to the soccer club, VfK Blau-Weiss, Leipzig 1892 e.V.  There, the players on both teams were supplied with black shorts and colorful pennies, green for Team Europe, bright yellow for the World Team.  The regulation size soccer pitch was in superb condition.  The World Team included three returning veterans, the remaining players were all new and included four players with no soccer playing experience but full of spirit and enthusiasm to play in their first soccer game.

… more in the upcoming EPS Newsletter Issue 55 (January/February 2017).

Contributed by:
Maurice Manning
World Team Coach


Coach Rapp and Coach Manning


Referee Enrico Honig conferring with Coaches Rapp and Manning before the game


2016 EPS – Team Europe


2016 EPS – World Team

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