A Report on the 27th Dutch Peptide Symposium

27th Dutch Peptide Symposium
Leiden, The Netherlands, 21 April 2023

A successful 27th edition of the Dutch Peptide Symposium took place on April 21, 2023, at the beautiful venue ‘Scheltema’ located next to the canals of Leiden, The Netherlands. Drawing 160 participants from academia and industry, the event featured plenary lectures by both national and international speakers, as well as an engaging poster session, fostering a vibrant exchange within the Dutch peptide science community.

Entrance 27th Dutch Peptide Symposium

Spanning a diverse array of topics, lectures delved into cutting-edge areas such as stapled peptides, macrocyclic peptide inhibitors, protein-protein cross coupling reactions, novel methodology towards long and complex peptides and many more. This meeting covered the various aspects of peptide- and protein-chemistry as well as drug discovery, pharmacology, method development and structure-activity relationships.

Session 1 chaired by Seino Jongkees

Ned Buijs – Leiden University – Institute of Biology

Next Generation Bacitracins: Using rational design to improve a classic antibiotic

Stijn Agten – Maastricht University – Cardiovascular Research Institute Maastricht

Effects of vitamin-K dependent proteins on vascular calcification

Aimee Boyle– Leiden University – Leiden Institute of Chemistry

Selective binding of transition metal ions in self-assembling helical peptide scaffolds

Session 2 chaired by Ingrid Dijkgraaf

Sebastian Pomplun– Leiden University – Leiden Academic Centre for Drug Research

Engineering bioactive dimeric transcription factor analogs to inhibit MYC dependent gene programs in cancer

Leendert van den Bos – EnzyTag b.v.

Selected Examples on the Use of Chemo-Enzymatic Peptide Synthesis

Andrew Jamieson – University of Glasgow– Advanced Research Centre (UK)

Development of bifunctional, Raman active diyne-girder stapled α-helical peptides

Session 3 chaired by Nathaniel Martin

Stephan Hacker – Leiden University – Leiden Institute of Chemistry

Covalent inhibitors for the proteome-wide identification of new druggable targets for antibiotics

Peter ‘t Hart – Max Planck Institute of Molecular Physiology Dortmund (DE)

Development of macrocyclic PRMT5 adaptor protein interaction inhibitors

Ranganath Gopalakrishnan –AstraZeneca – Gothenburg (SE)

Different applications of peptide drug discovery: from late stage functionalization to chemical biology tools

Session 4 chaired by Gerbrand van der Heden van Noort

Sven Wijngaarden – Leiden University – Leiden Institute of Chemistry

Synthetic and chemoenzymatic approaches to investigate Asp/Glu-ADP-ribosylation

Kevin Neumann – Radboud University Nijmegen– Institute for Molecules and Materials

Combining click, trans-click and de-click: Traceless and efficient modification of biomolecules enabled by Tetrazine-Thiol-Exchange

Keynote: Christian Hackenberger – Leibniz Institute for Molecular Pharmacology – Berlin (DE)

Next generation bioconjugates for intra- and extracellular targeting

The symposium culminated in a captivating keynote lecture by Prof. Dr. Christian Hackenberger of the Leibniz-Forschungsinstitut für Molekulare Pharmakologie in Berlin, offering intriguing insights into the application of bioconjugation reactions for creating antibody-drug conjugates and targeting proteins intracellularly.

Keynote lecture by Christian Hackenberger

This event provided an invaluable platform for PhD-students and young scientists to engage and showcase their latest research findings, fostering connections within the Dutch peptide community. Overall a fantastic day of peptide science. We thank our sponsors for making this great event possible, with special acknowledgment to ChemBioChem (Wiley) for endorsing a poster prize.

Poster award (from left to right): Gerbrand van der Heden van Noort (Organizer), Ryoji Yoshisada (Award winner), Cami Talavera Ormeño (Organizer), Monique Mulder (Organizer) (left). Winning poster of Ryoji Yoshisada (right)


Poster session


Plenary lectures in 4 sessions


Lunch and get-together in exhibition area with our sponsors

Looking ahead, the next Dutch Peptide Symposium is scheduled for May 21, 2024, in Amsterdam. Organized by Seino Jongkees (VU Amsterdam), Ioana Ilie (UvA Amsterdam), and Melissa Bärenfänger (VU Amsterdam), the event will feature lectures from esteemed speakers including Olalla Vazquez (Marburg, DE), Louise Walport (London, UK), and Ronald Raines (Cambridge, USA).

The organizing committee
Dr. Monique P. C. Mulder
Dr. Gerbrand J. van der Heden van Noort
Cami M. P. Talavera-Ormeno