J. Pep. Soc: Best Paper Award 2014

Best Paper Award for 2014

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Title: Restoration of leptin responsiveness in diet-induced obese mice using an optimized leptin analog in combination with exendin-4 or FGF21

Authors: Jason Pinkstaff, Matthias Tschöp, Timo D. Müller, Lorraine M. Sullivan, Kirk Habegger, Chun-Xia Yi, Dhiraj Kabra, Erin Grant, Nickki Ottaway, Radha Krishna, Jenna Holland, Jazzminn Hembree, Diego Perez-Tilve, Paul T. Pfluger, Michael J. DeGuzman, Marc E. Siladi, Vadim S. Kraynov, Douglas W. Axelrod, Richard DiMarchi

JPS: Volume 18, Issue 6, pages 383–393, June 2012




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