Elizabeth Schram, In Memoriam

Elizabeth Schram

Dear Colleagues,

We are shocked and saddened at the news of Dr. Elizabeth Schram death on December 18, 2019. Johan Elgersma, Secretary ESCOM SCIENCE Foundation informed us Mrs. Schram has untimely passed away during her visit to her school in Chennai-India due to a fatal heart attack.

Dr. E. Schram was long term cooperator and sponsor of the EPS. The ESCOM Science Publishers B.V., established by Elizabeth and her husband Dr. Bernt L. Schram, was editor of three EPS proceeding books (21st EPS, 22nd EPS and 24th EPS).

In 1997 She became the chairwoman of the ESCOM Science Foundation aimed at financial supporting of young scientists worldwide. Elizabeth and ESCOM Foundation contributed greatly to the European Peptide Society, initially providing travel grants for young participants of 25th EPS and gradually expanding to sponsorship of poster and oral presentations presented on the dr. Bernt L. Schram Young Investigators’ Minisymposia, which became integral events of European Peptide Symposia. Recently, new activity was introduced – the Dr. Bert L. Schram Networking Mixer, an excellent platform that facilitated the networking between senior and junior scientists. The above mentioned contribution of Elizabeth to the peptide society has had significant impact on the careers of many young colleagues, helping them not only to attend the symposia, but also to spread and acknowledge their scientific achievements.

In 2000, She established The Schram Academy (TSA) in Chennai, India, which main aim is to practice social skills (such as critical thinking and effective communication) of students from various fields.

We lost not only a great supporter of young scientists from all over the world, but also a Friend that we would undoubtedly miss.

On behalf of the European Peptide Society, we extend our heartfelt sympathies and condolences to Her family.

Members of Executive Committee of the EPS