Geoffrey Young (1915-2014), In Memoriam


…contributed by John Jones

Geoffrey Young (1915-2014)

Geoffrey Young (1915-2014)

We are sad to report that Geoffrey Young died at home in Oxford on 24 May 2014, aged 98.
Originally trained in carbohydrate chemistry, after wartime work on explosives he turned to amino acids and peptides. He made several fundamental contributions, especially to the understanding of racemization in peptide synthesis and how to plan to avoid or minimize it.
In 1958 he was the British representative at the first small meeting of European peptide chemists convened by Josef Rudinger in Prague, and was an original member of the informal committee which organised subsequent symposia, and from which the present international network of Peptide Societies has evolved.
Although he retired from research in 1982, he was a leading figure in European peptide science for more than another decade, and when the European Peptide Society was formalized he wrote its constitution and was its first Chairman.

He was a gentle, courteous, and wise man. His students loved him and he was universally respected among his peers.

A detailed Memoir is planned for the Journal of Peptide Science.

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