LECTURE TITLES for “Leonidas Zervas” & “Josef Rudinger Memorial Lecture” Awards, 2014

The EPS Secretary Prof. Dirk Tourwé announced that the voting procedure of the EPS Council Members regarding the 2014 “Leonidas Zervas” & “Josef Rudinger Memorial Lecture” Awards has been completed successfully.

According to the votes received:

Miguel CASTANHO & Philip DAWSON are the “Leonidas Zervas” Awardees for 2014 – Congratulations !

Prof. Miguel Castanho
University of Lisbon
Prof. Philip Dawson
The Scripps Research Institute
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Ernest GIRALT is the “Josef Rudinger Memorial Lecture” Awardee for 2012 – Congratulations !

Prof. Ernest Giralt
Institute for Research in Biomedicine,
Barcelona, SPAIN
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33rd LogoThe Leonidas Zervas Lectures
Prof. Miguel Castanho: “Making new connections in peptide and protein chemistry”
Prof. Philip E. Dawson: “Use of Peptides to Modulate Protein-Protein Interactions”

& the Josef Rudinger Memorial Lecture
Prof. Ernest Giralt: ”Peptide-lipid duets in viruses, bacteria, and humans: new views, new avenues”

will be presented on Sunday, 31 August 2014 at the Opening Ceremony of the 33rd EPS in Sofia [ 17:00-19:10, National Palace of Culture, Sofia].


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