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Maybe you have heard about, or actually you may have used in your peptide synthesis endeavours the program called Peptide Companion. This program was written by Michal Lebl, Viktor Krchnak, and Jiri Lebl in 1992 and is still installed on many peptide chemist’s computers across laboratories everywhere. However, upgrades to new versions of Windows have made it unusable. We were approached by several peptide chemists with a question when we will make a new version compatible with Windows 10. In the meantime I was frustrated about the quirks of the new versions of windows, and instead of using our old program, I have written the Excel macros for the most common tasks needed in our lab – calculation of molecular weights, predicting the difficulties in peptide synthesis and HPLC retention times of synthetic peptides. And I shared my spreadsheets with anybody interested through our web site. However, recently it came to my mind that this could be a start of the „community project“ – certainly I am not the only one writing a little useful macros for simplifying your laboratory tasks or interpreting your data. So why don’t we all put our efforts together and make our work available to everyone interested?

What is available right now can be downloaded from: or possibly from the European Peptide Society website (not implemented yet).

If you feel that something should be added to the set of spreadsheets already available, just ask and we will try to implement it. Or even better, if you already have written something which may be beneficial to other peptide enthusiasts, let us know, send it to us and we will incorporate it to the spreadsheet collection. The newest version of the project will be always available freely on our website. You will always be credited for your work.

For any questions or to contribute your work, feel free to contact me at [email protected]

Michal Lebl

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