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The Team Amino Acids, Heterocycles, Peptides and Proteins of the IBMM is looking for an Organic Chemist/Medicinal Chemist candidate to participate to a multidisciplinary research project.

The project aims at developing alternative and specific therapeutic tools based on foldamer and stapled peptide technologies to inhibit protein-protein interactions that are essential for the activity of a nuclear receptor involved in the resistance of tumor cells and cancer stem cells to chemotherapy.

The candidate should have a PhD in chemistry (organic synthesis). Previous experience in peptide science and peptidomimetics, in medicinal chemistry and solid support synthesis will be appreciated but not essential. The candidate should also have experience in purification and characterization of organic molecules using analytical techniques such as LC-MS, HPLC, IR, circular dichroism and NMR.

The candidate is expected to be highly motivated, independent, and capable of designing synthetic routes, solving challenging synthetic problems, proposing alternative strategies and write journal articles. In addition, the project being at the interface of chemistry, structural analyses and biology, the candidate should be able to closely collaborate with biophysicists/physicians and biologists.

The candidate should be fluent in French and/or in English.

For more please download Post-doc offer

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