Professor Maurice Manning receives International Award

Dr. Maurice Manning, professor of Cancer Biology at The University of Toledo College of Medicine and Life Sciences, was the recent recipient of an award at the World Congress on Neurohypophysial Hormones in Ein Gedi, Israel, in “Recognition for His Lifelong Contributions to the Field of Neurohypophysial Hormones.”

In his award address, entitled “Design and Synthesis of Receptor Selective Oxytocin and Vasopressin Agonists and Antagonists: An Odyssey of Chance Encounters and Surprising Discoveries,” he paid tribute to all the following:

  • Education in Ireland and in London, England
  • Vincent du Vigneaud Laboratory:  New York 1961-1964
    Rockefeller University, D.W. Woolley Lab: New York 1964-1965
    McGill University: Montreal 1965-1969;
    MCO, MUO, UTCOMLS: 1969-present
  • Collaborators and co-workers
  • Scientific meetings
  • Merrifield Solid Phase Method
  • Leads from other laboratories
  • NIH Grants, 1969-2008; Private support, 2008-present
  • Withstanding the challenge of non-peptides
  • MCO, MUO and UTCOM Biochemistry and Cancer Biology Department Office Staff
  • All investigators who have used peptides from my lab as research tools
  • Family & friends
  • Chance encountersLuck
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