A Report on the 25th Polish Peptide Symposium

25th Polish Peptide Symposium,
Wojanów, Poland, 8-12 September 2019.

The history of Polish Peptides Symposia begun in Gdańsk, where the first meeting has been organized by Prof. G. Kupryszewski in 1967. The second Symposium was also organized near Gdańsk by Prof. A. Chimiak. Since then, this conference has become an important, permanent point in the calendar of Polish scientists associated with peptides. Now, after 52 years since the first Symposium, we met for the 25th time in the south of Poland, in Wojanów near Wrocław.

This year 150 participants took part in the 25th Polish Peptide Symposium, including 40 PhD students and few young students before master degree who represented about 35 different scientific centers. 35% of participants were foreign guests. Moreover, ten companies exhibited their offers of laboratory equipment and devices. The Organizing Committee from Wroclaw Medical University included Prof. Justyna Brasuń (chairperson), Aleksandra Kotynia, Aleksandra Marciniak, Edward Krzyżak, Monika Liebenthal. The Symposium was financially supported by the Wroclaw Medical University Foundation, Lower Silesian Pharmacy Foundation and the European Peptide Society. The sponsors were acknowledged by exhibiting their logos in the conference area, on the screen in lecture hall during session breaks, symposium website (http://25pps.pl/) and abstract book.

Photo of conference participants. Photography by Klaudia Cieplińska

The scientific programme of the Symposium consisted of ten lecture and two poster sessions. During 40 lectures and 72 poster presentations there were raised different aspects connected with peptides. The main topics were as follow:

  • Peptides as diagnostic tolls
  • Peptides in biomedical research
  • Theoretical calculation in peptide studies
  • The new approach to metal-peptide interactions
  • Structure-activity-relationship studies
  • Foldamers
  • Peptides synthesis and analysis
  • Peptide in dermatology and cosmetology
  • Peptides as potential drugs.

The plenary lectures were performed by appreciated professors from the field of chemistry and pharmacy of peptides:

  • Michael Chorev from Harvard Medical School, Boston, Masachusetts, USA
  • Prof. Anna Maria Papini from University of Florence, Italy and University Paris-Seine, France
  • Paula A. C. Gomes, University of Porto, Portugal
  • Norbert Sewald, Bielfeld University, Germany
  • Paolo Rovero, University of Florence, Italy
  • Henryk Kozłowski, University of Wroclaw and Opole Medical School, Poland
  • Dariusz Matosiuk, Medical University of Lublin, Poland.

Photos of moments at 25th PPS. Photography by Edward Krzyżak

Additionally, there were ten keynote lectures. Noteworthy are two lectures given by young scientists before master degree: Aleksandra Hawryłkiewicz and Valeria Tagliavini who received Travel Grants sponsored by Able Jasco, Poland. Furthermore, Paulina Bachurska from University of Warsaw, who participated in poster session was awarded with the third Travel Grant for students. Six the best poster presentation were awarded:

  • 1st place – Anna Puszko, University of Warsaw
  • 2nd place – Olga Kerber, University of Wroclaw
  • 3rd place – Małgorzata Walczak, Lodz University of Technology
  • 1st distinguished place – Wojciech Lipiński, Radboud University
  • 2nd distinguished place – Małgorzta Kogut, University of Gdańsk
  • 3rd distinguished place – Rafał Chojnacki, University of Warsaw

The prizes were sponsored by Peptydy.pl, Merck and Trimen Chemicals.

The Winners of Poster competition. Photography by Edward Krzyżak

Contributed by Aleksandra Kotynia and Aleksandra Marciniak

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