A Report on the 2nd Meeting of the Italian Peptide Society

The 2nd meeting of the Italian Peptide Society (ItPS) has been held at the Congress Center of the University of Naples ‘Federico II’ on June 5-6, 2018. The event, organized with the efforts of the members of the ItPS Scientific Committee has had an high attendance with the participation of more than 80 members of the recently born Italian Peptide Society and some invited guests from Italy and foreign countries. During the two days meeting were held 18 communication from members of the society covering most of the scientific activities performed in the different Italian universities and researches centers.

The workshop started with the welcome and the introduction from the Society President Giancarlo Morelli and from the Scientific Representative Anna Maria Papini. After the welcome addresses, the meeting hosted the invited lectures from Italian scientists working abroad: Chiara Cabrele (University of Salzburg, Austria) and Daniela Mazzier (University of Munich, Germany).

The second day of the meeting was opened by the ceremony related to the “Ernesto Scoffone” award. The “Ernesto Scoffone” award is assigned every two years from the Italian Peptide Society in commemoration of the Ernesto Scoffone’s role in the foundation of the Italian Peptide community and of diverse contributions he made to peptide chemistry.

The winner of Ernesto Scoffone award 2018, with a total consensus of all ItPS members, was Prof. Stephen B.H. Kent from the University of Chicago (USA). Prof. Kent held the Ernesto Scoffone Memorial Lecture Award 2018 entitled “The role of peptide chemistry in understanding the chemical basis of protein  function”, and was assigned of a commemorative silver plaque during the ceremony.

In the same occasion the winners of the “Vittorio Erspamer award 2017” dedicated to young Italian scientists, Antonella Accardo (Napoli) and Silvia Marchesan (Trieste), were assigned with commemorative silver medals.

The scientific content of the invited lectures, and oral presentations reflected the state of the art in several specific aspects of the peptide research ongoing in Italy and was very much appreciated by all participants.

In the attached photos two moments of the celebrative ceremonies are reported and a view of the room with the attending people during the oral presentations.

Contributed by Giancarlo Morelli

A view of the Conference Room during the Symposium.

Stephen B.H. Kent (middle) was awarded with the “Ernesto Scoffone Award 2018” by Giancarlo Morelli, president of the ItPS (left) and Anna Maria Papini, treasurer of the EPS (right).

The “Vittorio Erspamer Award 2017” ceremony. From left to right: Giancarlo Morelli, Silvia Marchesan, Antonella Accardo and Anna Maria Papini.

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