Special issue published as a tribute to Shiro Akabori (1900–1992)

Shiro-AkaboriThe Journal of Peptide Science has just published a special issue as a tribute to Shiro Akabori (1900–1992), the father of Japanese peptide and protein chemistry.

Attendees at the recent 15th Akabori Conference in Boppard, Germany (held 7-10 September 2014) and the conference on Rokko Mountain, Kobe, Japan (23-26 May 2016) were personally invited to contribute a review article or experiment-based communication to this special issue of the Journal of Peptide Science. A large group of Japanese and German peptide chemists accepted this invitation, submitting in total 5 reviews and 19 experimental articles compiled in this special Akabori issue, thereby covering the most prominent aspects of peptide and protein science. The articles clearly underline the strong diversification of peptide-based research from the originally predominately synthetic aspects of the 1980s to the development of biochemical, biological, immunological, and physicochemical tools capable of advancing the knowledge of life science.

The guest editors would like to express their sincere gratitude to all of the Japanese and German authors whose manuscripts at least partly allow reflection of the ongoing research in peptide chemistry in the spirit of Shiro Akabori and the German/Japanese tradition of the Akabori Conference.

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