Wiley-Jisc open access agreement

Publish your next paper open access in XJournal
A new agreement between our publisher Wiley and Jisc means that if you’re a UK-based researcher at a participating institution you may now be able to publish open access in XJournal at no direct cost to you.

The agreement aims to support and accelerate open access publishing in the UK and is the most extensive UK-based transitional agreement, covering 138 Jisc member institutions. If you are based at a participating institution, you can now also browse and read the entire Wiley portfolio of journals available on Wiley Online Library.

To find out more and see if you are eligible to have your publishing fees covered, go to wileyauthors.com/Jisc

For more information about the agreement, you can read the press release here https://newsroom.wiley.com/press-release/all-corporate-news/jisc-uk-institutions-and-wiley-agree-ground-breaking-deal

Publish your next paper open access in XJournal
If you are a UK-based researcher you may be able to publish open access in our journals at no direct cost to you, following a new agreement between Wiley and Jisc. Check whether your institution is participating here.

Wiley now has agreements covering open access publishing fees for researchers in a number of countries. You can read more and find out if you’re eligible here.

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