EPS Awards 2018

The European Peptide Society (EPS) invites nominations for EPS Awards 2018   The Josef Rudinger Memorial Lecture Award The Josef Rudinger Memorial Lecture Award is presented every two years, during the European Peptide Symposium, in commemoration of Josef Rudinger’s role in the foundation of the European Peptide Symposia and of diverse contributions he made to peptide chemistry. Preference should be given to a candidate with long standing contributions to the field. The Leonidas Zervas Award Continue reading

Introducing the new journal design for the Journal of Peptide Science

Wiley is continuing our journey toward a new, digital, web-first publishing ecosystem for our journals, including those we publish on behalf of learned societies. We recognise a need to move away from the print-centred paradigm that has driven journal publishing for so long and move toward a web-first environment. We are particularly interested in the experience of authors, who are key drivers of a journal’s success. Our research has shown us that authors want a Continue reading

2017 Best Paper Award Announced

Many congratulations to: Franziska Maaß, Joycelyn Wüstehube-Lausch, Stephan Dickgießer, Bernhard Valldorf, Michael Reinwarth, Hans-Ulrich Schmoldt, Matin Daneschdar, Olga Avrutina, Ugur Sahin and Harald Kolmar For their award-winning article: Cystine-knot peptides targeting cancer-relevant human cytotoxic T lymphocyte-associated antigen 4 (CTLA-4) How can I win the PSC Best Paper Award 2018?Every research article published in Journal of Peptide Science in 2016 and 2017 will be on the shortlist for the 2018 Award. The Editors will choose the Continue reading

Special issue published as a tribute to Shiro Akabori (1900–1992)


The Journal of Peptide Science has just published a special issue as a tribute to Shiro Akabori (1900–1992), the father of Japanese peptide and protein chemistry. Attendees at the recent 15th Akabori Conference in Boppard, Germany (held 7-10 September 2014) and the conference on Rokko Mountain, Kobe, Japan (23-26 May 2016) were personally invited to contribute a review article or experiment-based communication to this special issue of the Journal of Peptide Science. A large group Continue reading

Postdoctoral Research Fellow Position

POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH FELLOW POSITION (24 months) The Team Amino Acids, Heterocycles, Peptides and Proteins of the IBMM is looking for an Organic Chemist/Medicinal Chemist candidate to participate to a multidisciplinary research project. The project aims at developing alternative and specific therapeutic tools based on foldamer and stapled peptide technologies to inhibit protein-protein interactions that are essential for the activity of a nuclear receptor involved in the resistance of tumor cells and cancer stem cells to chemotherapy. Continue reading

EPS Mobility Fellowships

The European Peptide Society (EPS) invites applications from PhD students for EPS Mobility Fellowships Mobility and interdisciplinarity nowadays are important assets in research careers. The European Peptide Society provides fellowships for PhD students who want to visit another laboratory in Europe to acquire new methodology or perform experiments that are not possible at the home institution. Eligibility At the time of the application the PhD student must be member of the European Peptide Society EPS Continue reading

The 34th EPS Soccer Event

The biennial EPS soccer game, featuring teams from Europe and the Rest of the World (World Team) has become a mainstay of successive European Peptide Symposia since its inception at the 19th EPS in Porto Carras, Greece, in 1986 (see poster 393 @ 32nd EPS in Athens in 2012 for a brief history). The organizers of the 34th EPS, Professors Dr. Annette Beck-Sickinger and Dr. Ulf Diederichsen, spared no expense to ensure that the soccer Continue reading